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You can use free computer backup software such as FBackup to schedule routine backups of your data. While most of us know backing up your computer is vital, scheduling it automatically ensures it’s actually getting done. FBackup is a free program that is very easy to use and helps you schedule which folders you want to backup, where you want to backup to, and how often you want these backups to run. Within a few clicks, your backup job will be setup.

Schedule Your Computer Backup

You can download FBackup here. Read and agree to the terms, and then install the program. The default setting should be fine.

computer backup software

Once installed, setup your computer backup by clicking the Backup button.


Select New to create your first backup job.

backup files

You will then have the following backup options:

  1. Backup Name – You can name your backup anything you want.
  2. Where do you want to save your backup – You can select Local (internal or external) or a Network drive. We recommend a different hard drive outside of your computer. In this case, we chose a Network Attached Storage device.
  3. Click Test to make sure the destination location is accessible and then click Next to apply these settings.


Next, you will select the folders you want to backup.

  1. Click Add Folder and then browse to each folder you want to add.
  2. The folders will appear in the list above. When ready, click Next.

You will then be asked if you want to create a mirror or a full backup. Usually, we’ll select a full backup because if we delete something off of the computer we will not want those changes to me mirrored in the backup. Next, choose how often you want this backup to run. Do you want to run it daily, weekly or monthly? When you save your scheduled backup, it will run for the first time and begin backing up your files.

 What Backup Method Is Best For You

Free computer backup software such as FBackup allows you to be versatile with your backups strategy. Generally speaking, you will always want to backup to a different physical hard drive. Otherwise, if the primary drive fails, your data is gone. Network drives are nice because you can backup all of the computers in the house to a centralized location and quickly restore them whenever necessary. You can create multiple jobs using this backup software, as well. You may want to backup some folders more frequently than others, for example.

No matter what computer backup software you use, it’s important to have a plan. FBackup is one of the easiest and most reliable free programs we’ve tried.