lookout mobile security

An Android antivirus program such as Lookout can help protect your mobile device from malware, help recover your phone or tablet if it is lost, and even backup critical data. But do you really need an android security program? Sure. While there might not be a lot of viruses out for portable devices, phones and tablets are quickly replacing desktops and laptops. Because of their portability and growing popularity, Android and iOS devices are becoming larger targets.

Lookout is a free Android antivirus program. It is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from their respective app stores.


The free edition of Lookout provides complete antivirus protection, a scream function that allows you to find the device if it is close by, a remote lock feature that prevents your data from being accessed and a signal flare that saves the device’s last location before the battery dies. The free edition also uses the Lock cam to take a picture of anyone who enters in the incorrect password three times.

mobile security

Aside from helping you find a lost Android phone or tablet, Lookout scans every app, every attachment and SD card for viruses before you open them. They do offer a Premium edition that adds a few extra features, but the free edition will be fine for most of us. Simply knowing the apps we are downloading the from Google Play store are malware-free provides peace of mind. As a new member, users will have full access to the Premium features for 14-days after signing up.

Once you have an account set up, you can login to your account at lookout.com and try it out. Testing the Locate feature, we found it to be very accurate and we were able to successfully make the device Scream so we could find it. If you have a mobile device, this is a fantastic free app for Android or iOS and can really save you in a time of crisis.

So while it might not be completely essential to have an Android antivirus program, Lookout’s extra features make is a great app to have running on your device.