hootoo travemate titan setup

The HooToo Tripmate Titan travel router is an absolute must if travelling. In general, a personal router allows you to put a hardware barrier between you and the hotel’s WiFi, allowing your more protection and versatility for your devices. It is advisable you purchase a 64-Gig thumbdrive and download the HooToo Tripmate Plus app from your app store to take full advantage of the file sharing capabilities.

To setup your HooToo Tripmate travel router, all you need to do is power it up by holding down the power button for three seconds. You will then search for the Tripmate by accessing your available WiFi networks on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

travel router setup

Select Tripmate Titan from the list of options and put in the default password of 11111111 (eight ones). Once connected to the Tripmate, open your web browser and type in to access the setup wizard.

Use Your HooToo As A NAS

The great thing about the HooToo Travelmate Titan HT-TM05 is its ability to act as a Network Attached Storage Device. You can plug in a 64-gig USB drive and instantly have the ability to share movies, pictures, music and any other files with devices in the area.

Use Your HooToo As A Router

If you have a network cable, you can plug the HooToo Travelmate Titan directly into your cable or DSL modem and use it as a router. The Travelmate will get its IP address from the ISP and then act as a wireless router for your home, office or hotel room. You can login directly to the HooToo and setup the router just as you would any other router. You can then setup its SSID, password and WiFi security.

Use Your HooToo In Bridge Mode

Bridge mode allows your Tripmate to take an existing network and share that connection with multiple devices. Once you’re logged into the Tripmate travel router, all you have to do is scan for any available networks you have access to, and once connected, any devices connected to the Tripmate will then have Internet access.

Use Your HooToo As A Power Bank

The HT-TM05 as acts as a whopping 10400 mAh power bank while travelling, so you will be able to charge your devices several times off of one Travemate charge. The downside with this particular model is it only provides one port for charging, so if you have multiple devices, you will need to rotate them out.

Chromecast Capable Travel Router

In addition to all of the other features, the HooToo Travelmate also works great with your Chromecast. Connect a 64-Gig USB drive to the Tripmate and connect the Chromecast to an HDMI port on the television and you can view movies in your hotel with ease.

At the time of this review, you can find the HooToo Travemate Titan online for under forty dollars, which is a great deal for all of the features packed into this travel router. Just be sure to do a couple of things after you setup the device and confirm it is working normally: Be sure to go back in and change the default SSID and admin password, and visit the HooToo website and download the latest firmware. Upon updating the firmware, many more options were available in the setup.